1. What is the Pan Am plaza? It is the plaza downtown they built when we hosted the 1987 Pan Am Games. The Pan Am games are one of the reasons we are called the Amateur Sports Capital of the World. We have one of the best swimming/diving facilities in the country that hosts many events like Olympic Trials, we have a world-class velodrome that also hosts a lot of major events, and a great track and field facility. The headquarters of US Track and Field, US Diving, US Sycronized Swimming, US Gymnastics, USA Football, and the NCAA Headquarters and several college conference headquarters are all here.
  2. What is the Riviera Swim Club? The Rivi is one of the largest community pool of the country. You have to be a member in order to go, but it's definitely worth it! There is a giant diving tank, with three diving boards, two low, one high and then there's 3 swirly slides and long bars in the water where your able to do flips and sit on them. But basically, its just a GIANT neighborhood pool that's a great hang out place during the summer. And there's also 2 heated indoor pools for the winter and there's a workout room, a basketball court and a small little lobby area.

  3. Is there any other big races besides on Memorial Day weekend? They host the Brickyard 400, several Formula 1 races, some motorcycle races, and NASCAR truck races. They also started doing balloon races again about 2 years ago that launch from the track infield. They also have a golf course in the infield that is open to the public.

  4. Tell us more about your school and the classes/electives you take there. At STA we do not have electives because our school is so small. We have 215 kids in the whole school, grades K-8. We all take Spanish, Music, Art, P.E., History, Religion, Science, and on Fridays we attend Mass. Then for Reading, English, and Math we split up. We have several extra curricular that are like electives. We have speech team, academic olympics, spring musical, problem solving, history club, newspaper, and yearbook.

  5. Are there any original buildings from 1837? We don't know.
  6. Was the film The Hoosiers filmed in your city, or near anyone's home? Yes, the movie was filmed in our city and our neighborhood. It was flimed at Hinkle Fieldhouse, which is located with in walking distance from our school. Some of the kids in our school live across the street and see it everyday before school. Hinkle Feildhouse is the home court for the Butler Buldogs. From the best Hoosier ever ANNA
  7. Do you like the Pacers? Yes, even though they are bad. They are heading in the right direction and should be good again in a few years.
  8. How do you feel about the Colts losing the Super Bowl? Was anyone there? Oh man, I remember that day sooooo clearly. I went over to my friend Anna's house (she's in this class too) and we watched it on her TV. (it's bigger....) We ate chili. Only a few students from our school made it to the Super Bowl. We had the day off of school that next day!

  9. What is your favorite corn dish? Can you send us a recipe? Most people just like kernel corn or cream corn. In the summer, we have corn on the cob because it is fresh. But, corn isn't a big part of our life.

  10. Do you dress up at your school on Halloween? we used to but now we dont... but this year we are going to get to dress up for a House Challenge.

Thank you!

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