1. What is the meaning behind the name "Bazbeaux"?

Bazbeaux was named after the court jester of Louis XI, king of France. Our favorite pizza there is the barbecue chicken.

  1. Why do you think large crowds would scare businesses?

  2. What is wrong with the coffee at Bazbeaux? Actually, a lot of us really like the coffee there, but one classmate doesn't. We don't really drink coffee much though. We love root beer and milk. (not together)

  3. What kind of mental habits do you speak of in the Bishop Chatard High School?

This is sort of different, but there is a special three-year honors program called the Summa Cum Laude at Bishop Chatard for the advanced student. The program is designed to meet the needs of those students who are academically gifted and motivated by offering courses that challenge and reward them. In addition, the program encourages involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities and service. This three-year program, encompassing the sophomore, junior, and senior years, will challenge and prepare the most gifted college-bound individuals for a successful postsecondary career.

  1. Do you take any state exams? Yes, ISTEP. We take it in the spring, but last year we had to take it twice. In the spring and the fall.

  2. Are there any other activities you can do in your school/town that you didn't mention?

  3. Do you like the NY Jets? Not really. We love the Colts, the Indianapolis Indians (our minor league baseball team, and the Pacers (but they're not very good).

If you have more questions for us while you're writing the compare and contrast, send us them!

Sorry!! We meant 8th graders :-) Thanks for all of your responses. We'll answer your questions this afternoon.

Questions for Wantagh 8th graders: WE ARE 8TH GRADERS!

How often do you go into New York City? Once or twice a month. Some kids go bi-weekly. Trips become more frequent in the winter because of all the holiday shopping and shows.

Have you seen any concerts at Madison Square Gardens? Yes. These are the bands: Blink 182, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears, and our teacher has seen Run DMC and Prince.

Do people really swim at Jones Beach? Or is it too cold? Yes, we do! We find this question to be funny... It's cold, but it's a nice contrast to the hot weather. A town called Long Beach has a Polar Bear Swim sponsored by Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Every Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of people take a dip to raise money for this worthy cause. Last year the water temperature was 39 degrees F. and the air temperature was 30 degrees F.

Can anyone burry their pet where’s Nixon’s dog was buried? Yes, you can. And we just found out that Nixon's dog was moved from the cemetery!!!

Do any of you play Lacrosse? What other sports are popular? 6 of 32 in the class play. Football, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, dance team, cheering, tennis, track, and badminton are all popular!

More questions are coming!! Thanks, Miss Kling’s 7th Grade Class

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