Questions from Wantagh to STA: 1. What is "fireworks of glass"? It's a 4 stories tall sculpture made of blown colorful glass in the Childrens' Museum.

  1. What pop stars have been to your stadium? JUSTIN BIEBER, Lady Gaga, Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, Michael Buble, and Jason Mraz.

  2. Do you take any state exams? yes, we take ISTEP+.

  3. Have any of you been inside of Kurt Vonnegut's house to see his secret room? Yes, one person has.

  4. How many people does it take to fill Lucas Oil Stadim? 70,000 people.

  5. Has anybody been to that awesome cemetery at night? Yes, two kids in our class have, but it closes at 7:00.

  6. How deep is the outdoor pool at Rivi? 12 feet.

  7. Is the Crown Hill Cemetery open to everyone? Is anybody famous buried there? Yes it's open to everyone, people are dying to get in! ;) John Dillenger, George Gatling, James Witcomb Riley, couple presidents,and Eli Lilly.

  8. Who is Kenny Chesney? He is a country singer. He had such hits as "She Thinks my Tractors Sexy".

  9. Do you like the NY Jets? 2 students like the Jets and the rest are smart and like the Colts.

Questions from STA to Wantagh: 1. How far away are you from New York City?

By train, it takes 54 minutes to arrive at Penn Station. By car, it can take an hour or more, depending upon traffic.

  1. What is one of your favorite things to do?

We go to concerts, go to Wantagh Park, play sports, go eat and shop, and video games, such as Rock Band!

  1. Is there any kind of tradition people do in your city? There's a Memorial Day parade each year, and the Air Show comes each year. The most favorite one is the Long Beach Polar Bear swim! Make-A-Wish Foundation sponsors it. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of people take a swim in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

  2. How often do you go to the beach? Some people go every day, most go twice a week. In the summer, some go every day and the weekends!

  3. What is the weather like in New York? In summer, it's really hot and dry. The fall is humid and rainy, but the leaves are beautiful. The winter can get really cold, and it usually snows once or twice each winter. The spring is warm and rainy, too.

  4. What make Hemingway's locally owned Steakhouse such an important place?

Local residents go here because the steak is awesome! Some kids go there on holidays, so it's a tradition for some families here.

  1. What are your favorite stores? (Abercrombie, Aeuropostle, etc.)

Hollister, American Eagle, Wal Mart, Tanger Mall (where you can find everything), GameStop, Hot Topic, Toys 'R Us, and our own Wantagh 5&10!

  1. Are any of you reading the Pretty Little Liars Series? One student has read them, but another girl wants to recommend The Sisters Grimm.

  2. For the Real Lady Liberty: What year was the rule made about people not allowed to go into the crown? We are not sure of the exact year, but it was after the remodeling. You can go to the crown now, but you need reservations.

  3. For Jones Beach: Are there games at Jones Beach?

Miniature golf, shuffle board, tennis, and beach volleyball.There is also a regular golf course. And of course, surfing, if you consider that a game!

  1. For The Sparkling Twin Lakes: Why is the lake called the Sparkling Twin Lakes?

That isn't the name; we were trying to be creative with our titles.

  1. For Jones Beach: What are the “Blue Angles”?

The Blue Angels are the group of pilots who fly the 6 vintage planes in the Jones Beach Air Show.

  1. For the Historic Train Museum: Why is the train called the Jamaica?

Jamaica is the name of a town where the Long Island Rail Road originated.

  1. For the Wonderful Wantagh Inn: How big is it? It has two floors, but isn't huge. It's a nice family restaurant.

  2. For a Tony Award Winner lives Here: Did Trent Kowalik do any more Broadway musicals?

No, he did not.

  1. How big is your school? The middle school has approximately 1,000 students total.

  2. Are there any other burger places that are as good as All American in Massapequa in your town? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  3. Do you go to the Statue of Liberty often? Out of 28 students, 9 have been.

  4. Why did your teacher stop singing and start teaching? He started a family.

changed October 7, 2010