1. Tell us more about Butler University.

Butler offers more than 65 majors. Over the past five years, Butler graduates have enjoyed an average of 96% job placement rate. Last year they made it to the championship basketball game, but lost. Their campus is just blocks from our school and we have our field day there. We use their track for all our field day events.

  1. What do you do for fun, except go to museums and sports arenas? Lots of us enjoy going to movies and out to dinner with friends. Some students are very involved with school sports teams.

  2. Why is the Butler "Dog Bowl" named that? Butler University adopted the Bulldogs name in the 1920s, but they never had a bulldog on campus other than an occasional fraternity pet.

  3. How many kids in your class have been to IMS? All of the kids in our class have been to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It's only about a 10 minute drive from our school, and it's free admission. Some exhibits cost a low fee, but anyone can walk around the grounds or see the normal exhibits for free. In the summer IMA shows movies on a huge screen outside, and people pack picnics and watch movies on blankets in the grass outside the museum.

  4. Have any kids in your class been to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and how does it compare to the IMA? No, but our teacher has gone to the MoMA. She said it was pretty different from the IMA since it's in the city. They are similar in size but the IMA is surrounded by gardens.

  5. Do you think the name of your stadium was worth $120 million? Would you rename it if you could? Most people like the name Lucas Oil Stadium. It caught on pretty quickly.

  6. We want to know more about your school, what electives you have, and are there a lot of rules at your school? There are lots of rules at St. Thomas. We have a very strict uniform. We have 5 minute passing periods in between each class and after that we have to have everything we need for the next class with us. If we forget something like an assignment or school supply, we're not allowed to go back to our homeroom or backpack to get it.
    For electives we have Spanish.

  7. What are the best sports at your school? We have good basketball and kickball teams. We take kickball pretty seriously.

  8. Describe your art and music programs.

  9. Are there any students named "Jimbo" at your school? No, but cool name.

  10. According to your school description, you said that you accept non-traditional families and non-Catholic families. What is the ratio of Catholic to non-Catholic students? Do non-Catholic students have to attend mass? Is it culturally diverse?

Questions for Wantagh:

Tell us more about your school. We have about 1,000 students in the middle school.

Is your school religious? No.

What music do you listen to? Eminem, Lady Gaga, Pink, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Sean Kingston, Green Day, ACDC, Beyonce, Metallica

Why is the burger place called The Burger of Freedom? It's not; we were being clever because creativity rocks.

Have you ever been to Indianapolis? Two kids have been there. One was there when a flight got canceled, and one was there to see the Indy 500.

What's your fall weather like? Colorful, dazzling, cool, and crisp.

Have you ever been to a rooftop spot in New York? Some of us have been to the top of the Empire State building. Our teacher lived in a building where they could go to the roof and see the whole city.

Do you go to the beach much? You mentioned a lot about water?

WE LIVE FOR THE BEACH!! It's kinda like our lifestyle.

What are your favorite activities and restaurants?

Have you been to a show on Broadway? Yes, we have! We've been to Wicked, The Lion King, Billy Elliot, American Idiot, Mary Poppins, Phantom of the Opera, Young Frankenstein, West Side Story, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

We have a few more questions for you if you have time!

How many classes of each grade level do you have? We only have one class for each grade level. Each grade has approx. 25 kids. Our 8th grade has 23 students.

How many kids are total in your school? We have 211 students.

Do you have to wear uniforms? Yes, we have a different uniform for different grades. Seventh and eighth were a blue or white logo polo with khaki pants or khaki shorts. We have a school logo fleece jacket or hoodie that we can wear in cold weather. We wear regular sneakers. The girls complain because Uggs are not allowed except on out-of-uniform days, which happen about twice a month or so. Girls can wear a small bracelets, one pair of small earrings and other minor accessories. Nail polish has to be neutral colors and no makeup is allowed(but most teachers don't enforce that). Boys can wear one or two bracelets (most don't though), but no earrings or other accessories.

changed October 12, 2010