Questions for STA Students:

  1. Was anybody actually at the final Butler game last year? And were there tears? About 30 kids from our school went to the game. We have a lot of connections with Butler and since it was here in Indy, a lot of people went.
  2. What makes Broad Ripple Village so eco-friendly? Broad Ripple is eco-friendly because it's so easy to access it by walking and biking. The Monon Trail, which is 33 miles long, is located in Broad Ripple so you get lots of people walking, biking, roller-blading, walking dogs, everything. You'll also see tons of recycling bins everywhere. Broad Ripple also became apart of the Cultural Trail, which connects areas like downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, and Carmel together by trails.
  3. What acts, if any, perform at The Vogue? Have you been there? The Vogue is mainly a 21 and over venue. A few of the students have been to shows open to younger audiences. Mostly regional bands play there.

  4. Do you think the Pacers will ever win a championship? Of course they will. They are getting better. They just need to get rid of New York native Lance Stephenson!

  5. What are the pros/cons to your gym uniforms? What activities do you do in gym? Well, for the gym uniforms, it's kind of nice waking up in the morning, a just putting on a tshirt and sport shorts. The uniform is overall pretty comfortable and we don't have to take up time to change before gym. Also, it's easy to participate in gym in. But, the downside is that first, i don't find it very attrractive and after awhile you kind of get tired of wearing bright yellow shirts all the time so they allowed us to wear a blue shirt. What we do in gym is play kickball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, frisbee, dodgeball, mattball and other sports. We also do fitness testing that invovles push ups, sit ups, pull ups, v-sit reach(which is streching), and running the mile.

  6. How is the new stadium (Lucas Oil Stadium) different than the RCA dome?

The RCA Dome was the Colts home field for 24 long years (1984-2007). It was finished about a year before the Colts came to Indy from Baltimore. With a seating capacity of 57,980 people, it made it the smallest venue in the NFL. The building itself was had a distinct look. The roof looked like a giant marshmallow or a cloud. On December 20th, 2008, Colts fans said farewell to the dome and was ready to welcome the new stadium. Most would say the Lucas Oil is more complex and entertaining. Lucas Oil is perfect for hosting conventions, exhibitions, trade shows and NCAA basketball competition. The seating arrangement is much more likaeable. It can hold 63,000 for football and 70,000 for basketball. And the roof, its retractable, so it can it can open and close on stary night's or warm summer days. I think we all miss the RCA Dome, but Lucas Oil is just as great

  1. What is a water clock? The water clock is a working a clock at our Children's Museum that is run by water. It is a main attraction at the Children's Museum.

  2. What interesting electives do you have at your school? (See Modern Food Production video on Map for period 1)At STA we do not have electives because our school is so small. We have 215 kids in the whole school, grades K-8. We all take Spanish, Music, Art, P.E., History, Religion, Science, and on Fridays we attend Mass. Then for Reading, English, Science, and Math we split up. Some of our extra curriculars that are like electives are speech team, problem solving, glee club, spring musical, academic olympics, history club, newspaper, and yearbook.

  3. Describe the teachers at your school. Is the myth about nuns hitting kids with rulers true?.....Actually, they don't! We only have one nun left at our school whose no longer a nun, Mrs. Kenney, and she doesn't wear those weird outfits. My dad went here in the 60's and 70's, and he said that there were nuns, and that they were mean! He got slapped,though. So no, we've never gotten Which is good thing, I guess-Gina

There happen to be no nuns at our institution, thank golly..just kidding. But no nun that i know of have ever struck a student in the 21st century. Our teaching staff consists of a young man by the name of Mr. Troy Cockrum, he has blond redish hair and stands about five feet five inches tall. He wears shirts that he rools up to to the elbow..and we scold him when he wears see thats our homeroom teacher Mr. Gregory Blatz's thing. To sum it all up St. Thomas is a modernized Catholic school..we all love earth, God, and peace...NOT REALLY. People love to play COD and listen to music..all is good in the hood-------------------- yor favorite Indianaer Allie

  1. Just wanted to remind you that the Colts lost the Super Bowl last year... Just wanted to remind you the Colts beat the Jets and went to the Super Bowl!

Questions for Wantagh: 1. Do any of you have your pet buried in the Bide-A-Wee Pet cemetery? No, we don't.

  1. Does the museum of wax scare anyone? Kind of...Michael Jackson is the scariest!! Come for a field trip!

  2. Are you Jet fans or Giant fans? Out of 30 kids, 12 are Jets fans, and 10 were Giant fans, one is a Colts fan. The rest don't really care.

  3. Do you feel safe when Reggie Jones, the eighty year old lifeguard, is on duty? Yes, because he isn't the only lifeguard on duty.

  4. How do you feel about the improvement in the Wantagh’s Field from how it was previously? The old field became very muddy and filled with goose poop! We actually had fake dogs on the field to "scare" away the geese! One student said that the dogs ended up with poop on them! Seven students in this class said that they fell running on the old, cracked track!

  5. How do you feel about the Jets chances in the playoff? We won't even dignify this question with an answer....But if we must, BETTER THAN THE COLTS' CHANCE!

  6. Is Splish Splash kind of like Holiday World or Kings Island? Not sure...we don't know those places.

  7. About how far away does it take you guys to get to school? One student lives two minutes away, and the longest bus ride is about 20 minutes from the southern part of town.

  8. Does the bagel shop have good cinnamon bagels? Yes! With raisins!

  9. Do you guys visit the beach often? Do you guys surf? In the summer, it's safe to say that most kids go every week, maybe 5 days a week.

  10. Is Wantagh a large, populated town, or is more private? We have about 20,000 living in Wantagh.

  11. How many miles was the Tunnel to Towers Run? It was a 5K, or 3 miles.

  12. Have you guys personally ever visited the Wax Museum? Who is your favorite figure?

  13. Has anyone been to the Field of Dreams?! That is so cool that it’s located near to you. What was it like? How did you feel when you thought about a movie being filmed there?

Oops. We were trying to be creative with our titles. That movie wasn't filmed here, but The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Anniston was!!!

  1. What sports does your school have? Believe it or not, we have Girls Kickball as a sport at our school. We have football, baseball, basketball, soccer, cheering, lacrosse, dance team, softball, chess, wrestling, swimming, diving, track, badminton and volleyball.

  2. Do you go on field trips to NYC? We did in elementary school. We went to Broadway and the Sony Tech Wonder Lab.

  3. Have any of you ever been to Indianapolis? Unfortunately, no.

  4. What is “the worm”?

We were trying to make a play on words. If the city is considered the "Big Apple," then the highest point would be the worm.

  1. Living near the beach, do you do many water activities? How many of you can surf?!!?!?!? We sure do! We boogie board, body surf, surf,
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